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And Gasoline is expected to climb by summer to 2+?

I haven't posted in a while but had to get something off my chest. I am really sick of more and more young soldiers dying in Iraq over Bush's oil.

Off to work.
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its sad to see people like you who believe anything bush haters say about him.. he's not there for the oil. look what it has done because were there.. right now go get gas and its atleast $2 a gallon.. it was obvious that was going to happen and he knew that. if it was about the oil he wouldnt have done something like that. yeh it sux that our soldiers are dieing over there trying to save those poor iraqi people from a dictator, but dont you think those 52 million lives are worth it? i do.. i believe it is because i care about human lives as do President Bush. I think he's a great President who's not afraid to do something just because it might make him look bad. he did the right thing to liberate the iraqi people and god bless him for that. -MANFRA!
Sad? What do you know about sad. I have been a Republican before you were born. As you know the local GOP runs the show in Delaware County. Bush has screwed up and lied for his PNAC agenda. Another kidnapping, now another beheading. Why hasn't the president ONCE acknowledged a soldiers funeral? He has NOT shown me anything but ignorance toward's the American public.

This REPUBLICAN will NOT be voting for Bush in November unless he comes clean and starts telling the truth.
I know that the local GOP runs the Delaware County considering i am apart of them.
And for being disgusted for Bush not attending a funeral? Bush wanted to avoid the juxtaposition of his face and words with pictures of soldiers'
coffins. Also it could distract him from running the war on many levels. I believe after the whole conflict is over he should visit each and every berial site and lay some sort of object to show that he cares.
Well I think that he has no right to then use pictures of 911 in his election ads. Look, I'm no fan of Kerry, but face the facts here. He invades Iraq on false pretenses (WMDS)then has the gaul to align himself with Ronald Reagan, one of this country's greatest presidents. If you are involved with the GOP, good for you. If you will vote ONLY along party lines, and not your conscience, then shame on you.

I look at Kerry, and see a man with no clear cut goal or vision. But I also look at Bush and see a man with no direction. I would like to hear him speak objectively, and tell me just what he (Not Pearle or wolfowitz and company) plan to do in Iraq.

Hope to chat later.

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"Ok so first off, Bush isn't over there for the oil, we only get three percent of our oil from Iraq, this war has nothing to do with oil."

So, not for the oil? Then WHY are there over 950 Americian Soldiers DEAD, and ove 6000 maimed? To rid the world of Saddam you say? Free the Iraqi's? Israel has over 200 nukes and I know that if the U.S. were to stop sending the billions of dollars they would use them in a heartbeat. Also,If moron Bush is re selected, you can count on the draft being reinstated. Are you of age? Join the Marines, goto Iraq and get killed. Let's see if your leader gives a damn.

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Then your an asshole. Join and die? Then just go and kill your self now. Your not fighting for your country, your fighting for a nazi like regime that currently resides in washington , D.C. Man! Grow up!

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I don't know how you, a snot nosed girl from Ohio got there in the first place. I'll gladly remove you.

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Ok, well then what does me having you added as a friend have to do with privacy? Your journal is friends only, I cannot access it. I've been on LJ for a few years now, and still find it funny that people post things in their journals, and when one comments on it, they get all antsy.I I admit I've been guilty of same..)

Don't like people replying? then close it.

Case Closed.
You still are a snot nosed girl from Ohio. Ohio is the state that gave the chimp another four years to fuck this country up more..

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