Franny Ward (phillydad) wrote,
Franny Ward

The Holidays In Clifton Heights

It's been awhlie since I posted something meaningful in this journal to me. Well, I just have to say that things have changed. The weather is cold, and more importnant to me, is the fact that I spend way too much time online. I manage our web site and just updating it is a pain anymore.

I guess I'm getting depressed, there seems not to be enough time to do all the things that race through the mind. I thought about when we lived in Drexel Hill, on Wilde Ave. Things were hectic, but manageable. Kids get older, and are more in need of attention.

Well, I'll post later on, hope everyone had a good Christmas etc. And look forward to 2005 in a positive light. Will try to quit the damn cigs!

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